Essure is the newest and least invasive procedure. It is the only permanent birth control method, that does NOT require any surgical procedure. With this method, the physician uses a small camera to insert two micro-inserts into the fallopian tubes and no longer allow a uterine pregnancy to form.

The procedure is completed in about 10 minutes, therefor it can be performed in the doctors office. Patient is free to go home 45 minutes after procedure and can return to thier regular daily activities. 

In addition to the routine 2 week follow-up appointment with FPAMG, patients also are required to have a follow-up x-ray to confirm proper placement and occlusion of the fallopian tubes at 90 days. With the ESSURE method, there is no need for an incision through the abdominal wall and the healing time is greatly reduced. The procedure is covered by most insurance plans, including Medi-Cal, Family PACT (SOFP), and many independent health plans in Southern California. In many ways, the ESSURE procedure has revolutionized the way in which permanent female sterilization is accomplished.

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