crisis pregnancy centers

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Exposing Deceptive Practices and Risks for Women

crisis pregnancy centers


Making an informed decision during pregnancy is crucial, whether it is about acquiring services or selecting the right health center. Some centers claim to have the best pregnancy-related services, but they don’t. These non-profit organizations are actually known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) and may mislead women seeking reproductive health care.


What are Crisis Pregnancy Centers?


what are crisis pregnancy centers

Crisis pregnancy centers are a type of NGO or pregnancy support center that present themselves to work as healthcare clinics, yet they provide counseling intended to discourage access to abortion care. Even you may find that the providers in such centers engage in manipulative and deceptive practices that spread misinformation on abortion and sexual health. CPCs work as medical clinics, but they may not be authentically regulated.


These centers try to attract patients by offering free services, including onsite ultrasounds and STI testing. However, their main goal is to discourage abortion and mislead the patient, which can be harmful later.


How Crisis Pregnancy Centers Deceive Women


pregnancy support centers


One of the main demerits of CPCs is that they use deceptive practices to attract women into their centers. Misleading advertising is one of the sources they may use to offer comprehensive reproductive health care services through crisis centers. But, actually, they offer only limited services that keep women away from abortions.


They may also use false tricks, such as giving incorrect information about the risks and side effects of abortion or delaying your appointment, which can affect your reproductive life. Besides, CPCs use similar names or set up their centers near clinics to confuse women seeking abortions.


Risk Factors for Women Associated with Crisis Pregnancy Centers


crisis pregnancy centers risks


You have to be more careful when choosing abortion services; CPCs can put your life at risk with inappropriate care. Some of the common risks associated with CPCs and the effects of their misinformation include:


Delayed Medical Care: With a lack of resources and knowledge, CPCs may guide you wrongly and delay you from seeking medical care on time. Later, this can lead to serious complications for your reproductive health or even become a life threat. Maybe you’ll fail to know that CPCs are not licensed or regulated healthcare providers. Even they may not have the expertise and resources to provide you with comprehensive care.


Sharing Misinformation: CPCs may circulate false information about abortion and birth control options, which can be harmful to your reproductive health. For instance, they may scare women by considering abortion dangerous and having long-term effects.


Lack of Access to Comprehensive Care: These crisis centers may not have adequate resources to provide you with prenatal care or other necessary services. As a result, it can put the lives of the fetus and mother at risk.


Stigmatization and Shame: The worst part of these centers that you might want to avoid is their communicative style. They may use stigmatizing language and tactics to discourage women, which, as a result, may raise feelings of guilt, shame, and isolation inside you.


Financial Exploitation: Some CPCs may also use the method of high charges to exploit women. They may charge inflated prices for pregnancy tests, services, and medicines that discourage women from acquiring pregnancy services on time.


Limited Parenting Support Resources: Some Crisis pregnancy centers offer parenting support, whereas many do not have the resources and expertise to provide these services, which can put the mother and baby’s lives at risk of financial, emotional, and life-threatening threats.


Where to Turn for Pregnancy Support?


women's health clinic California


You can check out various alternatives to CPCs to access termination of unplanned pregnancy services, counseling, reproductive health care, and education. These alternatives include:


  • Her Smart Choice: In this reputed Women’s health clinic near you, you will obtain a variety of services, including reproductive health care, birth control, and counseling with same-day appointments that are helpful for women to access quick health solutions.


  • Planned Parent hood: You can visit Planned Parent hood, which offers a range of services, including contraception, prenatal care, and abortion care services, as well as counseling and education.




Crisis pregnancy centers have been a controversial issue for many years, with critics arguing that they use false practices and misinformation to discourage women from seeking abortions. CPCs may offer some limited services and support, and they are not licensed or regulated healthcare providers.

Women need to have access to accurate information and resources about reproductive healthcare options to make informed decisions. You can also choose the right center to obtain accurate health care services. Feel free to reach out to Her Smart Choice to get the answers to your queries anytime over the phone!

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