pregnancy and pelvic pain

Pregnancy and Pelvic Pain: Causes, Management, and Relief

pregnancy and pelvic pain


Pregnancy is a soothing journey that gives pleasure but also brings some physical changes to Women’s bodies, including pelvic pain. Pelvic Pain might be a symptom of infection or pain in the pelvic bone, but living with it can be challenging. It can cause trouble in your daily life that may not be easy to manage. However, if you’re experiencing discomfort due to pelvic during pregnancy, you’re not alone. 


In this blog post, you will learn about the causes of pelvic pain during pregnancy, manage strategies, and explore how to find relief. Understand the causes and management techniques that can help in navigating this aspect of pregnancy without any trouble. 


Understanding The Causes Of Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy


pelvic pain causes


Hormonal Changes: The body of a woman undergoes several hormonal changes during pregnancy. One hormone which is known as relaxin, plays a crucial role in preparing women’s bodies for childbirth. Relaxin works by relaxing the joints and ligaments in the pelvis. Further, it allows the baby to come out of easier passage during delivery. However, the effect of hormonal can lead to increased joint mobility and cause pelvic pain. 


Ligament Stretching: The stretching and strain on the ligaments can cause when the baby grows. The growth expands the uterus and pressurized the surrounding ligaments that support the uterus. Further, it leads to pelvic pain. In the second trimester, the stretching becomes more notable.


Weight and Posture Changes: In pregnancy, weight gaining is a common phenomenon. The growing uterus can change the women’s center of gravity which shifts her posture. These changes in the body alignment add stress to the pelvic area. 


Pressure on Nerves: With the growth of the baby, the expanding uterus can put excess pressure on nearby nerves, including the sciatic nerve. You can feel pain from the lower back and down the leg as a cause of this pressure. This pain can provide you discomfort during pregnancy. 


Management and Relief Strategies


pelvic pain during pregnancy


Pelvic Support: If you use a maternity belt or pelvic support garment, it will provide support to the pelvic area and help in relieving pressure and stabilize the joints.

  • Prenatal Exercises: If you keep yourself engaged in related exercises during pregnancy, then it will strengthen the muscles support the pelvis, and promote overall stability. Here are some of the specified exercises:


  • Pelvic floor exercises: These exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles by providing support to the pelvic area. 


  • Prenatal Yoga: There are some gentle yoga poses that are specifically designed for pregnant women. It can help in improving flexibility, provide relaxation and prevent discomfort. 


  • Prenatal Pilates: These prenatal exercises can improve posture and strengthen core muscles. 


Body Mechanics And Posture: It is good to practice proper body mechanics and maintain good posture throughout the day to alleviate pelvic pain. In it, you have to avoid sitting or standing in one position for long. You can use a supportive chair with proper back support during pregnancy. 


Heat and Cold Therapy: To reduce pelvic pain during pregnancy, you can use cold packs or heat packs to relax muscles and reduce inflammation and excessive pain. You can experiment with both method, heat or cold, to check which provide you relief. 


Rest and Sleep: It is crucial for pregnant women to take adequate rest and quality sleep to manage pelvic pain. You can even take the help of a supportive pillow to sleep better. It will also provide relief from the pressure on the pelvis. You may experiment with different sleeping positions for a comfortable sleep. 


Alternative Therapies: In pregnancy, you can explore complementary approaches that can provide relief from pelvic pain, such as prenatal massage, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. You can consult with the experts of the leading women’s health clinic, Her Smart Choice. It is crucial to consult with specialists before performing any exercise during pregnancy for safety. 


Seeking Professional Guidance


women's health clinic


It is good to consult with an experienced healthcare provider at a women’s health clinic. They will help in addressing pelvic pain during pregnancy and provide effective strategies to manage them. 

You may also consult with midwives and physical therapists to obtain individual treatment plans. Also, they will meet the specific needs and conditions of each pregnant individual. 




Undoubtedly, experiencing pelvic pain during pregnancy can discomfort you, but understanding its cause and effective management techniques can help you to cope with it. Recognizing the above-mentioned factors, appropriate exercises, professional guidance, and relief strategies help you to explore great comfort during pregnancy. It allows you to enjoy your transformation journey of becoming a mother without any discomfort. Remember, it is good to consult with the experts of women’s healthcare professionals for personalized advice, pelvic pain management, and support related to pregnancy.

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