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The Sleepy Side of Pills: How Contraceptives Affect Your Energy Levels?

birth control pills


Millions of people use hormonal contraceptives as a popular form of birth control as they consider it the best and easy method to prevent pregnancy. Undoubtedly, these contraceptives are quite effective to provide instant relief to women with less pain. Yet they can also impact many aspects of a person’s health, including energy levels. In this blog post, you’ll explore the potential effects of hormonal contraceptives on sleep and learn some tips to manage any sleep-related side- effects. 


How Hormonal Contraceptives Affect Your Energy Levels?


hormonal contraceptives


The synthetic versions of the hormones, estrogen and progesterone, present in hormonal contraceptives can affect the natural hormone levels of the body. These changes in the hormones can impact energy levels in the following ways:


Disrupting Sleep Patterns


This contraceptive may impact your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. It further leads to difficulty in falling asleep. This disturbance can be caused due to several factors, such as hormone levels and increased anxiety or stress. The more you get poor sleep, the more its quality can lead to the feeling of fatigue and low energy. 


Experience an Increase In Fatigue


Some women also experienced an excess of fatigue and tiredness during or after hormonal contraceptives. The reason behind this fatigue can be changes in hormone levels and poor sleep quality. This sleeplessness affects your daily routine and prevents you from completing daily tasks on time and may also feel less motivated to engage in physical activity. 


Affecting Mood 


The hormonal birth-control method can impact mood which in turn affects energy levels. You can feel increased mood swings, which can mostly create due to depression or anxiety. It can also lead to decreased motivation and a lack of interest in daily activities. 


Changing Appetite 


The hormonal contraceptives can impact appetite which further affects energy levels. In such a situation, you may feel cravings for carbohydrates that can further lead to feelings of fatigue. The change in appetite can lead to the intake of poor nutrients that may have a negative impact on your energy levels. 


Tips For Managing Sleep-Related Side Effects Of Hormonal Contraceptives


hormonal birth control side effects


You can do several things to manage sleep-related side effects from hormonal contraceptives. You have no need to stress yourself, just need to follow the below-given tips:


Stick To a Consistent Sleep Schedule


If you want to make a proper routine, you have to follow a sleep routine. You can try to make a punctual routine of going to bed every day and waking up at the same time, even on weekends. This effort can help you to regulate your body’s natural sleeping cycle and improve quality sleep. 


Create a Sleep-Conducive Environment 


The environment of your surroundings also matters to make your sleep comfortable and relaxing. If you keep your bedroom cool, quiet, and dark. You can avoid the use of electronics like blue light, in the bedroom as it disrupts sleep. If you consider black-out curtains then it can create a more restful environment. 


Practice Relaxation Techniques 


You may also try some basic techniques that can provide you relaxation and a comfortable sleep for a long, It includes meditation, deep breathing, or yoga to improve sleep quality and reduce stress. It is good to consider these techniques and add them to your daily routine to manage sleep-related side effects. 


Regular Exercise Routine


You can make a routine of regular exercise that can help you to get quality sleep and reduce feelings of fatigue. If you aim for only 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise in your initial days, then also you may be able to improve your sleeping. Choose any exercise, such as brisk walking, cycling, or swimming, that can provide you with relaxation. 


Talk To Your Healthcare Provider


Even if you’re experiencing sleep-related side effects due to hormonal contraceptives, talk to your healthcare provider. Expert healthcare providers may recommend or suggest alternative birth control methods and other ways to manage your symptoms. Even the professional can help you to identify any other health issue that may be contributing to your sleep-related symptoms. 




The above passages clearly conclude about the popularity of hormonal contraceptives and their impact on sleep routines. These birth control methods are very effective but they decrease the level of energy and sleep which causes discomfort to women. However, you can still be able to recover from such a situation, for that, you only need to keep in mind the above-mentioned tips. These tips help you to turn those hard days into a normal routine again, that are temporary. You can improve your health again with the guidance of a professional healthcare provider. Her Smart Choice women’s health clinic is always available to listen to your queries with its same-day appointments and telehealth solutions.

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