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What Happens To Your Body After An Abortion?

walk-in abortion clinic in Los Angeles

Going through an abortion can stir up many questions and worries, especially about how your body will change afterward. It’s crucial to recognize that your body undergoes a recovery phase following an abortion, and knowing what to anticipate can empower you to look after yourself. Let’s explore the physical and emotional changes that occur after an abortion, along with tips on managing the recovery process. Whether you’ve had an abortion at a walk-in abortion clinic in Los Angeles or are considering one, this information can be valuable.


  1. Immediate After-Effects of Post-Abortion

walk-in abortion clinic Los AngelesAfter an abortion, you might experience some immediate after-effects, such as:


Bleeding: It’s common to have bleeding, similar to a heavy period, immediately after the procedure. This bleeding typically lasts a few days to a week, but it can vary from person to person.


Cramping: You may also experience mild to moderate cramping. This is your uterus contracting and returning to its normal size. You can use over-the-counter pain pills to make yourself feel better when you’re in pain.


Emotional Responses: Emotional reactions vary, but it’s normal to experience a range of feelings, including relief, sadness, or even a sense of guilt. Remember that your emotions are valid, and seeking support from a therapist or support group can be beneficial.


  1. Short-Term Changes


In the days and weeks following an abortion, your body goes through various short-term changes:


Spotting: After the initial bleeding subsides, you may notice light spotting. This can continue for a few weeks and is entirely normal. If you’re wondering how to stop spotting, it’s usually best to let it resolve naturally.


Breast Changes: Your breasts may have become more tender and enlarged during pregnancy. After an abortion, they will gradually return to their pre-pregnancy state.


Hormone Adjustments: Your body’s hormonal balance will slowly return to normal. This can result in mood swings and fluctuations in energy levels.


Return of Menstruation: Your menstrual cycle should return to its usual pattern within 4-6 weeks. If you had an abortion at a walk-in clinic in Los Angeles, your healthcare provider will likely provide guidance on contraception to prevent unintended pregnancies.


  1. Long-Term Effects


Fertility: Having an abortion typically doesn’t impact your future fertility. You should be able to become pregnant when you’re ready, but always discuss family planning with your healthcare provider. 


Emotional Healing: The emotional recovery process can take longer. It is good to be nice to yourself, calm your mind, and seek support when required. Everyone’s journey is unique, and there’s no set timeline for healing.


IV. Caring for Yourself After an Abortion

how to stop spottingTo support your body and emotional well-being during the recovery process, consider these tips:


Rest: Allow yourself plenty of rest in the days following the abortion. Avoid strenuous activities and give your body the time it needs to heal.


Hydrate: Drink enough water to stay hydrated. Aim for at least eight glasses a day to help your body recover.


Nutrition: Consume a balanced diet with foods rich in iron, folic acid, and vitamin D. You can have these nutrients to support the recovery process of your body.


Pain Management: If you experience discomfort, consult your healthcare provider for recommendations on over-the-counter pain relief.


Follow-Up Appointments: Attend any scheduled follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider to ensure your recovery is on track.


Emotional Support: Don’t hesitate to seek emotional support if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Talking to a counselor or joining a support group can be incredibly beneficial.



Understanding what happens to your body after an abortion is essential for self-care and emotional well-being. Whether you’ve visited a walk-in abortion clinic in Los Angeles or had the procedure elsewhere, taking the time to recover and heal is crucial. 


Be patient with yourself, and remember that there are resources and support available to help you through this journey. Your body and emotions will gradually return to normal, and you can look forward to a healthier future.

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