Tubal Ligation birth control

Tubal Ligation: What You Need to Know Before Making a Decision

Tubal Ligation birth control


Do you find yourself struggling to choose the right birth control method? In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Tubal Ligation, a permanent solution. May it be a good fit for you?


There are some temporary and permanent birth control methods available in the healthcare center for women. 


Do not stress your brain, today in this blog, you’re going to read about Tubal Ligation, a permanent solution, and who needs to get their tubes tied. Generally, Tubal Ligation is another type of birth control method that is effective for female sterilization and there are some factors that one needs to consider before getting tubes tied


What is Tubal Ligation?


what is tubal ligation


Tubal Ligation is a surgical procedure, also known as ‘tubes tied’, which involves blocking or sealing off the fallopian tubes. Further, it helps in preventing sperm and eggs, this way it succeeds in achieving permanent female sterilization. 


This procedure considers a highly rated and effective form of contraception. Even it has a highly effective success rate as per the research study of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). In the following passage, you’ll get to know about the various factors that women should consider before undergoing this process, such as age, family planning goals, and medical history. 


Factors to Consider Before Tubal Ligation


type of birth control


Complete Family – If you or women near you, have completed their families and do not want to expand may consider their tubes tied. Tubal Ligation is a permanent form of contraception for women who don’t want any children. There are very few chances for women to get pregnant after undergoing the entire process. So, if you’re prepared for not having more children, then getting tubes tied is the right solution for you.


Medical Conditions that Make Pregnancy Unsafe: If women have some medical conditions, including severe heart disease, kidney disease, or certain cancer types, they may consider the tube-tied form of contraception. Otherwise, in such situations, the family endangers the mother’s life. 


Family History of Hereditary Diseases: In such conditions, women who are dealing with a family history of genetic disorders, may get their tubes tied. They consider this to prevent the transmission of diseases to offspring. This way they ensure that no problem related to their genes will be passed on further to their children. 


Age Factor  – Age is also considered a vital factor for getting a test tube tied. Mostly, women of 35 plus age group may be advised to get their tubes tied.  They have a higher risk of complications during pregnancy. 


Partner’s Decision: The ultimate decision, whether getting the tubes tied or not, is of women. It is good if you give importance to considering the partner’s opinions. If the partner does not want more children, getting birth-control tubes is the right option. 


Future Family Planning Goals: If you are unsure about your family planning goals or who may want to have children in the future should consider other forms of contraception. Tubes Tied are the permanent method of birth control with a highly successful rate. But, if you want temporary control over pregnancy, then you should go for other methods, such as IUDs, birth control pills, or condoms. 


Personal Beliefs & Values: Some women also follow this birth control method only for personal beliefs and values. They want to reduce the impact of the excess birth rate by not having more children. So, they get the tubes tied to stop further pregnancies. 


Recovery After Tubal Ligation


recovery after tubal ligation


The procedure of tubal ligation is surgical and it requires the followings instruction for recovery:


  • After tubal ligation, recovery is straightforward and most women can return to their normal routine within a few days. 
  • It is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully for a better and smooth recovery. 
  • Must remember to follow common post-operative instructions, including avoiding heavy lifting or exercise for a few days. 
  • It is also essential to avoid sexual activities for a few days until the doctor allows you again. 
  • Pain medication also is there but may be prescribed to manage any discomfort. 
  • Some patients may also experience spotting or mild cramping after the procedure, which is normal, no need to be scared in such a situation. 
  • It is essential to keep the particular area clean and dry to prevent infection. 
  • Contact your doctor or your nearby Women’s Health Clinic if you experience severe pain, fever, or heavy bleeding after the procedure. 




From the above passages, you may get a clear view of tubal ligation and its effective nature as a contraception method. There are numerous factors that women need to consider before getting tubes tied. It includes personal beliefs, medical conditions, family planning, age factor, partner decision, and others that impact women’s decision for choosing this permanent birth control method. The procedure of tubal ligation is safe and effective and most successful in results. But, still, it is advised to discuss with the doctor to make an informed decision as per your health history and present report. Contact Her Smart Choice for expert advice on tubal ligation and other birth control options.

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